Relaxation (Swedish)

A favorite for full body relaxation. Gentle kneading and long gliding strokes work your muscles to reduce stress, fatigue, and the level of toxins in your system.  Improves circulation and benefits your immune system.
30min     $45
60min     $100
90min     $125

Deep Tissue

This is a focused modality that works the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Therapist moves slowly as deep pressure is applied to release tension spots (knots) in the body. This is a very therapeutic style of massage that benefits sore and tense muscles and is very effective in treating pain.
60min     $115
90min     $140


The heat of molded lava stones penetrates deep into the tissue that not only relaxes the body but soothes tired & achy muscles. A great alternative for people that want therapeutic results without the deep and intense work of a deep tissue.
60min     $100
90min     $125


A great way to share a moment of deep relaxation with that special someone. Massage sessions are performed simultaneously in the same room by two therapists.
60min     $200
90min     $250


Designed for athletes and weekend warriors focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive or aggressive movements. This modality is recommended in preparation for a sporting event, to recover and maintain.
30min     $50
60min     $100

The Perfect Add-On For Your Massage  $12



Aromatherapy Using 100% pure and natural essential oils to enhance your senses
Foot Scrub Exfoliate and re-hydrate dry skin with Dead Sea salts, essential oils,  avocado & aloe butter.
Back Scrub Exfoliate & re-hydrate areas hard to reach with Dead Sea salts with grape seed, jojoba,  and essential oils.
Scalp Massage Using a special blend of essential oils to stimulate scalp and induce deeper relaxation
Mini hot-stones massage Hot-stones ready for your back, arms, or legs. Very therapeutic.

Foot Massage & Reflexology 30min. $35, 60min. $65