Touch of Haven
60 min
Our most requested facial this treatment cleanses cellular build up, removes make-up and excess oil; detoxifies and re-hydrates; extractions and mask re-energize your skin for a beautiful natural glow; may we say it also brings a little sense of inner balance…
Haven Express
30 min
Rejuvenated beautiful skin in half hour with this treatment you get essential skin nutrients, tons of Glycolic benefits, vitamin C, and hydration for increased skin nourishment and plenty of cheer
Haven Signature
60 min
Highly customized this treatment addresses the needs of normal, combination, oily/blemished, dry, and sensitive skin to remove dirt, makeup, oil, toxins and impurities revealing truly healthy looking skin. Deep moisturizers and masks work to replenish depleted vitamins and minerals for total skin hydration plus your choice of 100% natural Aromatherapy essential oils for a complete relaxing body & mind experience


60 min
Designed for men’s specific skin texture with pure Jojoba oil and Vitamin E cleanser deeply exfoliates, restorative moisturizer with Anti-aging properties is applied to replace lost nutrients and minerals from constant shaving and exposure to harsh elements; soothing & calming “haven” for your skin
Teen Facial
60 min
Designed for the specific needs of a teen’s complexion deeply removes impurities and excess oil (and make-up) to detoxify and replenish leaving skin soft, refreshed, and protected
60 min
Gently cleanses and rids pores of impurities and toxins, decongests your skin and revitalizes and stimulates healthy cell function, special nutrients help dry excess oil and aids in healing process of blemishes leaving complexion fresh (oxygenated) and renewed. This treatment is ideal for treating Acne in adults and teens
60 min
This treatment gently exfoliates to remove oil, dirt, and dead skin cells, hydrates and softens fine lines, special Peptides reduce appearance of wrinkles and inflammation and increases production of Collagen leaving skin soft and well moisturized for a renewed and refreshed YOU
60 min
Designed for sensitive skin and gentle enough for even the most sensitive recommended for Rosacea, Acne, and allergic skin types. Deeply removes impurities with enhanced skin hydration. Soap, fragrance, and surfactants free  
Vitamin C
60 min
This treatment enhances your skin’s ability to fight free radicals, it reduces skin pigmentation, and promotes natural healing. Promotes anti-aging and sun damage protection properties
Ultimate Haven
60 min
This treatment has it all: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Enzymes. Deep cleansing, extractions, double masking, hydrating, cooling, healing, and revitalizing effects. Re-energize tired, dull, aching skin as you reach the “Ultimate Haven” in total comfort

Add Ons

Lips Like Haven
Gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, nourishes, heals, and softens with added Vitamin C protection
…Eye Of The Beholder
Eye Treatment
The perfect complement for the Anti-Aging Treatment it can be part of any facial service greatly reducing under-eye circles and spider veins as it tightens and smooths delicate eye areas providing a touch of hydration and added protection

Peels (Chemical Peels)

Lactic (One peel)
Alpha (One peel)
Beta (One peel)
TCA (One peel)
The Mother of All (One peel)
Series of 6
Multi-step treatment delivering some serious results.